Spunky Racoon

digital freelance artist



These are base prices. Shading/background/extra characters cost extra.

+$15-20 working based on description/creating a custom character.

+$5 if wanted on or before a specific date.
+$10 for same day delivery.

$20 each
Pack of 5: $80 ($20 off!)
Pack of 10: $150 ($50 off!)

Recolors are available for existing stickers ($12 per)
slight changes can be made to better suit a character.
I will only work on up to 1-10 stickers at a time.
Please feel free to grab more after they're done if you want more in a pack!

==Once you've read my T.O.S,==
fill out this form & send via social media:

DUE DATE (+$5-10):
READ & AGREE to T.O.S (Yes/No):

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you've agreed to reading & understanding my T.O.S.
Feel free to ask me any questions! I'm very willing and open to communicate.

◆ General Rules ◆

• I will only refund a piece if the piece has absolutely not been started.
• You may re-upload my work but only with proper credit given
RUSH FEE - An addition $5 will be added to any commission to be completed before or on a set due date. My turnaround time is typically quick, but please do not come hounding for an update before a week has even passed if you won't consider the additional $5. An additional $10 will be added for same-day delivery, if I do not feel I can get it to you within the given time-frame, I will decline the commission. If I take on a commission and don't meet the due date, the rush fee will be refunded.
• Do not claim my work as your own, do properly credit when posting your commission.
• Please only order when you have payment ready
• I prefer to be paid up-front, will only make exceptions for close friends, Patrons and familiar clients.
• Please do NOT distribute artwork that I have expressed I do not want distributed. Failure to follow thru will result in no longer being able to commission me, possibly being blocked if not resolved.
• I'm very willing to make changes as needed, but I typically do not change the lineart once it's been approved and/or already past the coloring stage.
• Again, I'm very willing to make changes so the commission is to the client's absolute liking, I do not ask for extra in this case but tips are highly appreciated for the extra work.

◆ Artist Rights ◆
Spunky has the right:
• to refuse a commission idea. (Read will draw/won't draw below)
• to refuse working with a client if they are snappy, bossy and/or rude. If you want a piece to be priority of my Queue, please do consider my $5 rush fee, no need to express aggression.
• to re-color/edit Telegram stickers or other art to fit either personal use or other clients.
• to use, giveaway or sell discarded designs not wanted by the client of a custom character design. I typically provide multiple options for designs, so if there are some designs leftover that're un-wanted, I as the artist may do what I want with them.

◆ Payment ◆
• You will recieve an invoice via PayPal. Please always select "Goods & Services" and remember to select "No Address" unless something is physically being shipped to you.

Feral / Anthro animal characters (any species)
Humanoids, human characters
pokemon, monsters, original species.
Themes I'm willing to work with include: transformation (TF), paws, plush, change of species, hypno, babyfur (clean), food, fatfur (to an extent), soft vore

Any NSFW. Hardcore fetishes, abuse, hate art, adult content of characters under or above 18+
DnD / WoW / LoL / Magic characters (I'm just not into those games and I usually find the designs too complex with un-clear reference images)
Ask me if you have questions if you're curious about something un-listed.

◆ Blacklist ◆
I've yet to create a blacklist, so don't be the one who makes me have to! I have the right to publicly blacklist/block clients who are:
• hysterical, abusive and/or do charge-backs and warn others of them.
• use slurs, are homophobic, a pedophile and/or racist.
• back out of auctions when they have won. It's a waste of time for both parties, please only bid if you know you can afford it. Please do not "bid for fun", it ends up with me having to contact the lower bidder, or even having to re-do the entire auction. I give everyone a first chance at this, because financial situations are understandable, but I will be aware and weary the 2nd time around when/if the same client bids.

✉ Contact ✉
[email protected]
• Please privately message me over email OR my social media accounts listed on the first page to inquire about a commission piece.
• I'm willing to work over Telegram or Discord if you have specifics about commission(s) and want to talk about it while I'm working and/or commission me more than once/frequently. It makes communication easier for big or multiple projects!
(Note me for my username)

◆ Art Trades ◆

• I will only trade art with artists of mutual art skill
• If I'm not too familiar with you, I'm likely to wait to draw my half until yours is completed.
• I like to keep things fair, so I will do exactly the same type of art as you do for mine. (ex; chibi for chibi, badge for badge, etc)

◆ Discounts ◆

• Monthly discounts up to 30% are given to supporting Patrons $5+ www.patreon.com/SpunkyRacoon
• 50% off on Spunky's personal characters
• Keep an eye out around holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

I look very forward to working with you, thanks for reading ~