Spunky Racoon

digital freelance artist


Telegram Stickers ($30 each)

Pack of 5: $125

Mini $30

Shading +$8 / Extra Character + $20

Kawaii Style Chibi $40

Shading +$10 / Additional Character +$30

Chibi $50

Shading +$10 / Additional Character +$40

Messy Portrait $50

Shading +$15

Black & White headshot $55

Shading +$15

"Eyesore" Icon $60

Shading +$15

headshot icon $65

shading +15 / Connected icons $110

"comic" style $65

Shading +$15 / Extra Character +45

Fullbody Colored Sketch $80

Shading +20 / Extra Character +$60

Clean Fullbody $110

Shading +$20 / Extra Character +$80

Reference Sheet

Starting price ($120) comes with 1 fullbody + 5 accessories
Extra Fullbody (+$60) side view/back view/3/4ths/etc.
Additional Chibi (+$50)
Headshot (+$25)
Custom Design (TBD)
Extra accessory (+$5)

streaming assets

Pixel Badges/Sprites/Animations
(Ask for Quote, based on complexity)

Emotes $25 each

3 for $60
5 for $110

Detailed PNGtuber $150

comes with 4 frames
Shading + $25
Extra Expression + $25

TrashTuber $60

Extra Expression +$15

DM anytime for a free quote.Shading/background/extra characters cost extra.
Super complicated prompts may have an upcharge or be denied.
Price depends based on description/creating a custom character.
== RUSH FEE ==
+25% if wanted on or before a specific date within a 2 week period.
+40% for same day/24-hour delivery.
Recolors are available for existing stickers ($15 per)
slight changes can be made to better suit a character.
I will only work on up to 1-5 stickers at a time.
Please feel free to grab more after they're done if you want more in a pack!
Once you've read my T.O.S,
__ fill out this form & send via social media:__
DUE DATE (if applicable):
READ & AGREE to T.O.S (Yes/No):

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you've agreed to reading & understanding my T.O.S.
Feel free to ask me any questions! I'm very willing and open to communication.
◆ General Rules ◆• I will only refund a piece if the piece has absolutely not been started.
• Please only order when you have payment ready.
• Payment is needed before the piece is started.
• I'm very willing to make changes to the piece, but please be mindful. I send WIP's, if you have approved of the lineart and it is past the coloring stage, do not ask for drastic changes.
• Again, I'm very willing to make changes so the commission is to the client's absolute liking, I do not ask for extra in this case, but tips are welcome & appreciated for any additional work.
◆ Usage ◆
• Your commission is for your personal use only. You may re-upload to social media with proper credit given.
• Do not claim my work as your own or edit artwork without permission.
• Clients are not permitted, under any circumstance, to profit or use any part of their commissioned artwork for non-fungible tokens.
• If you are interested in selling prints/stickers/etc. of your commissioned piece, permission must be given. I may not always grant permission to re-sell my work. Commercial usage of work requires % based royalties which are to be discussed at the time of granting permission. Failure to follow this will result in a ban from getting further work from me in the future and a public beware for copyright theft. If you are not making a profit, (ex: Printing stickers to hand out to friends for fun) then no problem.
◆ Artist Rights ◆
• I reserve the right to:
• Re-fuse, cancel or refund your commission at any time.
• Re-color/edit Telegram stickers or other art to fit either personal use, lineart bases or other clients.
• Use, giveaway or sell discarded designs not wanted by the client of a custom character design. I typically provide multiple options for designs, so if there are some designs leftover that're un-wanted and differentiated enough, I as the artist may do this.
◆ Rush Fee Policy ◆
• An addition fee will be added to any commission agreed to be completed before or on a set due date. My turnaround time is typically quick, but please do not come hounding for an update before a week has even passed if you won't consider the additional $5. An additional $10 will be added for same-day delivery, if I do not feel I can get it to you within the given time-frame, I will decline the commission. If I take on a commission and don't meet the due date, the rush fee will be refunded.
◆ Payment ◆
• You will receive an invoice via Square. You do not need an account to pay.
Feral / Anthro animal characters (any species)
Humanoids, human characters
pokemon, monsters, original species.
All must be clean/SFW. Ask about certain themes if you're un-sure.
Any NSFW. Hardcore fetishes, abuse, hate art, adult content of characters under or above 18+
DnD / WoW / LoL / Magic characters (I'm just not into those games and I usually find the designs too complex with un-clear reference images)
Ask me if you have questions if you're curious about something un-listed.
✉ Contact ✉
[email protected]
• Please privately message me over email OR my social media accounts listed on the first page to inquire about a commission piece using the form provided under Commission Prices.
• I'm willing to work over Telegram or Discord if you have specifics about commission(s) and want to talk about it while I'm working and/or commission me more than once/frequently. It makes communication easier for big or multiple projects.
◆ Art Trades ◆• I will only trade art with artists of mutual art skill
• If I'm not too familiar with you, I'm likely to wait to draw my half until yours is completed.
• I like to keep things fair, so I will do exactly the same type of art as you do for mine. (ex; chibi for chibi, badge for badge, etc)
◆ Discounts ◆• Monthly discounts up to 40% are given to supporting Patrons www.patreon.com/SpunkyRacoon
• 50% off on Spunky's personal characters
• Keep an eye out around holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

I look very forward to working with you, thanks for taking the time to read. - Spunky

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