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Telegram Stickers ($30 each)

Pack of 5: $125

Mini $30

Shading +$8 / Extra Character + $20

Kawaii Style Chibi $50

Shading +$15 / Additional Character +$40

Chibi $60

Shading +$15 / Additional Character +$45

Messy Portrait $60

Shading +$15

Black & White headshot $60

Shading +$15

"Eyesore" Icon $70

Shading +$15

headshot icon $70

shading +15 / Connected icons $110

"comic" style $65

Shading +$15 / Extra Character +45

Fullbody Colored Sketch $100

Shading +20 / Extra Character +$80

Clean Fullbody $150

Shading +$20 / Extra Character +$120

Reference Sheet

Starting price ($150) comes with 1 fullbody + 5 accessories
Extra Fullbody (+$80) side view/back view/3/4ths/etc.
Additional Chibi (+$60)
Headshot (+$25)
Custom Design (TBD)
Extra accessory (+$5 each)

streaming assets

Pixel Badges/Sprites/Animations
(Ask for Quote, based on complexity)

Emotes $25 each

3 for $60
5 for $110

Detailed PNGtuber $150

comes with 4 frames
Shading + $25
Extra Expression + $25

TrashTuber $80

Extra Expression +$25

DM anytime for a free quote.Shading/background/extra characters cost extra.
Super complicated prompts may have an upcharge or be denied.
Price depends based on description/creating a custom character.
== RUSH FEE ==
+25% if wanted on or before a specific date within a 2 week period.
+40% for same day/24-hour delivery.
Recolors are available for existing stickers ($15 per)
slight changes can be made to better suit a character.
I will only work on up to 1-5 stickers at a time.
Please feel free to grab more after they're done if you want more in a pack!
Once you've read my T.O.S,
__ fill out this form & send via social media:__
DUE DATE (if applicable):
READ & AGREE to T.O.S (Yes/No):

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you've agreed to reading & understanding my T.O.S.
Feel free to ask me any questions! I'm very willing and open to communication.
◆ General Rules ◆• I will only refund a piece if the piece has absolutely not been started.
• Please only order when you have payment ready.
• Payment is needed before the piece is started.
• I'm very willing to make changes to the piece, but please be mindful. I send WIP's, if you have approved of the lineart and it is past the coloring stage, do not ask for drastic changes.
• Again, I'm very willing to make changes so the commission is to the client's absolute liking, I do not ask for extra in this case, but tips are welcome & appreciated for any additional work.
◆ Usage ◆
• Your commission is for your personal use only. You may re-upload to social media with proper credit given.
• Do not claim my work as your own or edit artwork without permission.
• Clients are not permitted, under any circumstance, to profit or use any part of their commissioned artwork for non-fungible tokens.
• If you are interested in selling prints/stickers/etc. of your commissioned piece, permission must be given. I may not always grant permission to re-sell my work. Commercial usage of work requires % based royalties which are to be discussed at the time of granting permission. Failure to follow this will result in a ban from getting further work from me in the future and a public beware for copyright theft. If you are not making a profit, (ex: Printing stickers to hand out to friends for fun) then no problem.
◆ Artist Rights ◆
• I reserve the right to:
• Re-fuse, cancel or refund your commission at any time.
• Re-color/edit Telegram stickers or other art to fit either personal use, lineart bases or other clients.
• Use, giveaway or sell discarded designs not wanted by the client of a custom character design. I typically provide multiple options for designs, so if there are some designs leftover that're un-wanted and differentiated enough, I as the artist may do this.
◆ Rush Fee Policy ◆
• An addition fee will be added to any commission agreed to be completed before or on a set due date. My turnaround time is typically 2 weeks - 3 months. You may ask for an update, but if I have not sent you a sketch WIP and you see no status change in my Public Queue, I likely do not have any new info for you. Please do not hound me. If you would like your piece done on a particular due date, please consider offering to pay for a rush fee. If I do not feel I can get it to you within the given time-frame, I will decline the commission. If I take on a commission and don't meet the due date, the rush fee will be refunded.
◆ Payment ◆
• You will receive an invoice via Square. You do not need an account to pay.
Feral / Anthro animal characters (any species)
Humanoids, human characters
pokemon, monsters, original species.
All must be clean/SFW. Ask about certain themes if you're un-sure.
Any NSFW. Hardcore fetishes, abuse, hate art, adult content of characters under or above 18+
DnD / WoW / LoL / Magic characters (I'm just not into those games and I usually find the designs too complex with un-clear reference images)
Ask me if you have questions if you're curious about something un-listed.
✉ Contact ✉
[email protected]
• Please privately message me over email OR my social media accounts listed on the first page to inquire about a commission piece using the form provided under Commission Prices.
• I'm willing to work over Telegram or Discord if you have specifics about commission(s) and want to talk about it while I'm working and/or commission me more than once/frequently. It makes communication easier for big or multiple projects.
◆ Art Trades ◆• I will only trade art with artists of mutual art skill
• If I'm not too familiar with you, I'm likely to wait to draw my half until yours is completed.
• I like to keep things fair, so I will do exactly the same type of art as you do for mine. (ex; chibi for chibi, badge for badge, etc.

I look very forward to working with you, thanks for taking the time to read. - Spunky


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Further Confusion (AA)
Further Confusion (Virtual)
Painted Desert Fur Con (DD)
Aquatfur (DD)
Further Confusion (Virtual)
BLFC (Bazaar/AA)
Anthro Weekend Utah (DD)
AnthroCon (DD)
Furry Migration (DD)
Midwest FurFest (DD)
Further Confusion (AA)
AnthroCon (AA)
AnthrOhio (AA)
Anthro Weekend Utah (DD)
Furry Migration (DD)
Midwest FurFest (DD)
Further Confusion (AA)
Golden State Fur Con (DD)
AnthroCon (DD)
Furry Migration (DD)
Galaxy Con (Waiting to hear back)
Anime Wonder Fest CA (Waiting to hear back)
Fan Expo SF (Waiting to hear back)